Fine Vermouth

"You are all camphire and frankincense, all chastity and odour."
– William Congreve

Sac’Resine is an original formula vermouth crafted with botanical resins of antiquity. These “Sacred Resins” were used as perfumes in rituals from birth to burial, prescribed medicinally both internally & externally, and were among the most valuable commodities dominating the ancient trade routes of South Asia and China. In my youth, my grandmother would bring us to the old mission where she used to attend mass and they would burn incense made from these resins.

For more than a century, the monks and other devotees would ritually burn these very same resins as ceremonial incense, leaving the essence behind to permeate the stone walls and wood of the structure, as well as the memories of countless children accompanying their elders. A compound of these powerfully pungent saps with delicate herbs and flowers, is blended with a lightly fragrant wine and fortified with spirits to make a unique style of vermouth best categorized as something between a Bianco and a Rosso.

Loosely inspired by the most ubiquitous vermouth in the world, this light, citrusy and distinctly aromatic draft is meticulously crafted using both traditional and innovative methods.